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Apologetics - by Dan Petersen

I hasten to begin this article by making clear that I am personally not an expert of any kind , never mind in ‘Christian Apologetics'. However, I hope to demonstrate that though no human testimony is needed by the self-existent and self-authenticating God, nevertheless each believer has a God- given assignment to reasonably defend his or her faith, a holy privilege and commission to ‘take his or her case for Christianity to the world' as Scott Key says in his ‘Spiritual Disciplines' article 1. That fact is my only ‘excuse' for writing on this subject at all. Of course, apologetics is a great interest and pleasure to me as well, but above all I feel a responsibility to encourage and equip fellow believers in understanding our awful and beautiful responsibilities in Christ, as prescribed by His Word: in this particular case, a ready defence for our faith.


Intro to The Spiritual Disciplines - by Scott Key

The New Testament Greek word disciple is ‘mathetes', and it means ‘learner'. The word also implies thought accompanied by endeavour . The disciple of Christ is a person who learns from Christ—things pertaining to this physical world, the spirit world and life as it relates to these worlds. This learner also in return makes practical good of what he or she has learned. In this series on the ‘Spiritual Disciplines' we will see how we can, by practical/knowledgeable means, be brought into a student-teacher relationship with the ‘King of Kings and Lord of Lords', the one who holds the world in his very hands, the one who loves us very much. Our desire is to learn from our Lord and Master, to be His disciples.



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